Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Artist Journal

I've decided to try my hand at making "artist journals"... this is my first page.

The color is much richer in reality. Not as stark white as it come across in this picture. The image in the center is an image transfer using Omni-Gel...which I love. It has great texture when you touch it. To make the transfer, you take an image printed on a laser printer on regular copy paper. Using a brush, paint on 3 layers of the Omni-Gel, letting each dry before you put on the next. One horizontal, one vertical & one diagonal. Once all the layers are dry, soak the image in warm water for about 10 minutes. Take it out and lay it face down. Carefully start to rub the paper off of the back of the image. Once most of the paper is off, I used a soft towel to get more of the fiber off until it gets as clean as possible. One side will be shiny & the other matte. This one is attached matte side up. I then sanded it very lightly to distress the raised areas.

The trim is reproduction "German Scrap" border and stars.