Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Another Dream

Overall I'm pretty happy with this. I really like the right side on the inside with the insects. I'm not overjoyed with the leaves on the left side, though. I definitely want to use the insect idea again. The penny in the last picture is to show size. Its not an embellishment. *grin*

I was unable to get a really good shot of the right side due to hot spot I keep getting on the copper frame from the flash. Very frustrating! The picture in the frame is a really cute little cherub.


Anushka said...

It's gorgeous...le sigh. I love the right side the most. I also think that it'd be fun one day if you included the pennies themselves on a shrine?

Amy Rozeboom said...

After I posted the pic, I realized that the penny looked pretty cool with the colors on the cover and thought I might try it out at some point in the near future!