Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"Discover Life"

I'm not totally sold on the text in this one might grow on me, I'm not sure. The little glass circle is an "optical lens" as they like to call it in the altered book world. I call it a magnifying glass.

I like the overall idea, but am just not overwhelmed by the result...

-Edit- 12/23/05
I just sold this one to an awesome fellow Craftster, Writer78...Wahoo!


DAWN said...

Me again (I commented on your previous work). I really like all the stuff you have shown. You are very talented in this area. I will eventually try it. I am taking baby steps at the moment. I think I will start with altering a book.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you weren't "sold" on it, my dear, but I was! from the moment I saw it! Thanks.

Amy Rozeboom said...

And I'm glad you were!

I hope your friend enjoys it as much as you do!