Friday, September 26, 2008

Crafty Bitch - My big summer project

Rackycoo and I decided to do a personal swap for an shrine in an altoid tin. She wanted the theme of "Crafty Bitch". After much hemming and hawing and digging thru google image searchs, I hit on the idea of using St. Catherine (the patron saint of artists) in a more modern persona, a.k.a., Crafty Bitch. Inside the tin is a prayer card, two tea light candles, a bottle of glitter with a teeny pair of scissors tied to it with a piece of ribbon.

Then I called upon my brilliant friend Sandy to help me come up with something to put on a "prayer card". This was the result:

O Miraculous Crafty Bitch, we prostrate
before Your Image and beseech You to cast
your inspiring look on our troubled scissors.

Let Your tender Heart, so inclined to glitter and ribbon,
be softened by our prayers and grant us that spark of
genius for which we ardently implore You.
Take from us all dried-out glue, all dull cardstock
and misplaced stamp pads with which we are laden.
For Your Sacred Craftiness's sake, hear our prayers
and send us inspiration and aid that we may praise You,
with Michael's and Hobby Lobby, for ever and ever. Amen.


FishStikks said...

Haha, right up Racky's alley! I'm guessing she loved it!

Great poem too!