Friday, March 21, 2008

Newest Chunky Pages, Tip In Page and some Inchies

Why can I never take a straight picture of anything? Everything always crooked.

I also seem to be on a blue/green kick.

Chunky FOR C_D frontCrafty_Dame Front
Fluer background WIP
Green March Inchies


Anonymous said...

Call for artists and craft people.

Art Coop is producing the OLTA Art & Craft Fair at Olive and Taylor in the St. Louis Central West End on June 7 and 8. This is the same weekend as the CWE Art Fair & Taste.

Last year the CWE Art Fair & Taste drew 60,000 visitors. The OLTA Art & Craft Fair is just three blocks away! We expect to draw at least 6,000 visitors, and hope for 10,000.

The OLTA Art & Craft Fair will also feature 14 musical groups, 6 "taste of" restaurant booths and numerous special attractions like clashing roller derby women and Shakespearean actors.

We have 23 indoor and 61 outdoor display spaces available. Exhibitors must provide their own tables, booths or tents.

All-weekend rental for an indoor 10' facing space is $95. An outdoor 10’ facing space is $90. A second exhibitor may share your space and pay you half your cost if you want.

To be considered for weekend exhibition send an email to with photos of your work attached. Or provide a website address where we can see your work. In your submission please include your phone number(s).

Please don't delay submitting. With only 84 exhibition slots available, we may sell out quickly. For more information please print out the attached "OLTAvendorJPG1" file.

Feel welcome to forward this call for artists and craft people to anyone you think may be qualified and interested in this event. Thanks.

(Also, go to for a free website if you're a craft person, craft supporter, or craft organization within 100 miles of downtown St. Louis.)

Anonymous said...

This was a sham. There was no art fair and Don Erickson pocketed $1000's from artists, food and drink vendors and musicians. he spent nothing on promotion and did nothing to set up the event. The artists that were there set up in an old, rundown building that ought to be condemned. Afer a few hours, artists walked with nothing. Was suppose to be a two day huge event. He refused to refund all of our money. Art Coop is a sham, a con!!!! see